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Portfolio: JT International

JT International, a major international tobacco manufacturer, was feeling the pains of rapid expansion in an expanding global market.  Their internal communications infrastructure was inefficient for distributing and exchanging information between a growing number of international offices.

Additional issues arose in their interaction and communication with the public.  They recognized that they were acting more reactively than proactively to growing issues in the tobacco industry.  They were also faced with a legacy of distrust handed down from the actions of 'Big Tobacco' in the past.  They wanted to foster a deeper relationship with the consumer while being a responsible and honest tobacco company to the public at large.

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To address the issue of an inefficient communication infrastructure, a number of technologies were investigated that could be integrated into their existing intranet.  These included document management, content management and portal solutions.  The first stage included the integration of the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server as a document management solution.

Consumer relations was addressed by a number of communication initiatives with a redesigned and enhanced corporate internet site as a central channel.  Exhaustive interviews with key stakeholders throughout the organization identified the primary target audience and an initial profile and expectations of these audiences.  This information, coupled with the objectives of the organization, were used to build out an intuitive and user-centric site architecture.


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